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The Legendary UT Freshman at SXSW w a Free Badge

by Larry Chiang on March 18, 2015

By Larry Chiang 
I make my own vVIP badge. 
But before I made artisanal badges for my entry, I relied on a mentor and my mentors signature business recipes and my mentors insurances and assurances that there would be zero risk. 
Here is how it works.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I got paid the nicest compliment. #sxsw officer said “Your students will all speak inside of 5 yrs”


Maggie Louise’s chocolate. 512-840-0233. Maggie Louise Confectionary on 6th St. Downtown Austin. 
You see old, white, good-looking, smart men who are powerful alpha males take massive chances on young and untested people. We do so because we are wayyyyy more worried about legacy than we are about anything else. (It’s the invisible “Larry Chiang inverted pyramid” that sits over Maslows hierarchy of basic shitake.
Anyway, we as old, Caucasian, established, legendary, white dudes wanna network with rising stars. How do you network with us?
– Read what we wrote
– think along the same lines as we think
– Hive mind with us
– know that Steve Jobs mentor was Edwin Land
– know that Tom Brady is doing a bunch of Asian shitake
– Paul Graham WANTS to meet u. But he needs you to score a 99% comprehension on his 39 essays and one book
In the comments put his book title up after you Amazon it
Jessica Livingston wants you to internalize FOUNDERS AT WORK. BEFORE YOU EMAIL “x @yCombinator dot com.”
– I want you to know my mentor was an old, good looking charming dude named Mark McCormack. 
– We want you to KNOW that Larry Chiang blew it with his good looking, semi old, white baseball coach: UT baseball Coach Augie Garrido. I, Larry Chiang was given a great baseball mentor. I did not value the advice. 
After baseball, I didn’t blow it with my next mentor. 
Mark McCormack. 
Speaking of really good looking, charming white dudes (and their really nice wife ROBIN, aww their 1st date was in Palo Alto)…, speaking of good looking professors of entrepreneurship…:

Bob Metcalfe (@BobMetcalfe)
Entrepreneurship Week @UTAustin (@UTEWeek) now powers into @sxsw, a test of stamina.

Strange, and seemingly untrue… I am co-founder of UT e Week!!!!

These kids are executing great. 

Reserve your tickets for @FreshmanFounder Demo Day and Keynote: Jonathan Coon. Here is the link:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
‘UT Entrepreneurship Week is a Prequel to #SXSW‘! #UTeWeek…

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LEO from Fogo
I co-hosted and sponsored Sxsw “MeatUp8”

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