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The Revenue Spigot. At YC, It’s Default Off and Stuck!) {#2 of 5 #cs183yC at SXSW}

by Larry Chiang on March 15, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Think of revenue like a cherry to be popped.
As a person who di-virginizes people’s experian TransUnion and Equifax reports, I know a lot about virginity. Credit virgins have a non existent FICO score and that’s not good. It’s also not good if Capital One de-virginizes you with a $15,000.oo credit line. Plot spoiler: after that raping de la CapOne/Providian/First Deposit, you’re ruined.
Let’s get your first couple dollars in revenue and have fun doing it.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
A properly place 6-prong adapter can generate 1000x the revenue of a team at #300Pioneer#CS183yC. I’m at

There are 20 CS 183s lectures. They are meant to get you money in. 
CS 183S is meant to pop your cherry. CS183S is like a 6-prong that helps you solve a VIP execs problem: A hawtie wants a pic with you but you’re out of battery at Fast Company Grill

Zomg, this pic is worth $3000. I’d pay some kid $5 to charge my iPhone 8 that Steve Jobs texted me on.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I can generate more revenue with a whiteboard at #SXSW than super majority of VC funded YC kids #SXSW

Not even joking, at sxsw we sold $2k+ in sponsorships at a PopUp Photo Booth

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
You know that HBO char in #GameOfThrones who can start a fire in damp wood. That’s me w/a newbie #Sxsw attendee

Engineering 145 has a bell curve

Please get your revenue spigot unstuck and watch the above video. 

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