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The Wrongest Founder Move Ever

by Larry Chiang on June 29, 2015

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The Wrongest: Being an early adopting consumer entrepreneur while you promote & sell your innovation in X

By Larry Chiang 
Big mistake. This happens all the time. 

The wrongest. The most wrong thing you can do as a founders: Taking your innovative widget and marrying it to something else that also has NOT crossed the innovation chasm. 
Here is an example, you don’t promote the Sonos or Walkman or music-player by having a testimonial be given by a no-name band that no one has heard of. Let’s not laugh. Let’s look at a lunch I had with a female founder. She had something innovative and awesome. 
So, female founder has an awesome startup. She INSISTS on using square-space versus WordPress. Square might be the future. But the present is a world ruled by wordpress. Not to drop a JarGashTag (a jargon hashtag), but you don’t want to cross the chasm from the left. 
The JarGashTag you need is #CTCFTR

THIS is an example of Crossing the Chasm From the Right with a hot dog
This is an example of driving consumers to see an innovative movie about girl-brains
Think this thinking is crazy!?
Well, it’s crazy street smart!! Street smarts are just below the surface…
Look who won TC 40. A cupcake lead gen org called “Mint”.
Look who won TC 50. A cupcake bearer called RedBeacon. 
You don’t see Mint or ReadBeacon doling out Chantal Grillion, do you!? I do not even know how to spell macaron with my 288 IQ.
Cupcakes work so well in helping tech startups Cross the Chasm From THE RIGHT that TechCrunch now expressly prohibits the use of Cupcakes. It’s “What They Teach You if you Read The Terms of Service for TechCrunch Battlefield”. 
While you cannot use cupcakes to win TC Disrupt, Sept 20-23 in SF, you can use cupcakes to win the TechCrunch networking party July 31.
Sony, Apple and SalesForce use “U2”. That’s a brand name using a brand name to sell and promote.  
Duck9 may not be a brand name. But that is why I supermodel in an effort to get distribution 
And supermodel more:
Now, I’m going to drop a nuke in your brain
Omg, Andrew Mason’s preso
He went from the Wrongest when he was promoting “The Point”. To spot on when he promoted GroupCoupons for Chicago pizza. See the Points’ 2 page Microsoft word pitch. Then see the Groupon for pizza. 
Omg, this reminds me to remind you that pizza is just like a cupcake. Yes pizza helps you polish up that piece of turd called your startup. Pizza will help you #CTCFTR. CUPCAKES will help you CTCFTR by Straddling The Chasm. It’s a subroutine #CTCFTRSTC, is. 

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