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Two CS 183b Tweets from Larry Chiang @SuperBowl LXIX

by Larry Chiang on February 1, 2015

Larry Chiang’s 6th book, “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School WTWNTYASBS”, will launch 11-11-19 in a photo-booth like the Tresemme two-story tradeshow booth New York Fashion Week. As CEO of Duck9, he leads an army to help college student consumers get a FICO over 770. Post H.L.S. keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” (his latest post: “Setting an intention for SXSWi“.

NY Fashion Week is just like the Mom’s Day Fashion Show. Instead of the ‘Union’, its held at Lincoln Center

By Larry Chiang

I’m thinking about acing a Stanford class I took last quarter. I did not get class material I was promised —
College used to have admins who’d sell their students into credit card debt. You can’t make up greed. You can’t make up these stories that are beyond belief. (Link to techcrunch article where MBA deans and CES director got fired for cockblocking StartX)
Well I fix things that are wrong so, I got HR627 passed. It banned selling $12,000 credit card credit lines to undergrads with no jobs. It led to students dropping out to work off $19,000.00 in debt (principal plus 20+% interest)
Another thing that was wrong (and this leads to my two Super Bowl tweets)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Tonight, when I’m #SuperBowl grinding (cuz it’s social equivalent of ballroom dancing), I’ll be thinking about the YC #CS183B sales docs

You see, class ended over a month ago

These sales docs associated with the class, #CS183, still aren’t available.
Smells like college
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
[Reminds me of undergrad]
Some CS TA can’t deliver class materials #CS183B, while an ominous FINAL looms @sama

Download the official LARRY CHIANG Twitter feed here


ENGR 145’s a class like ENGR 245, technology entrepreneurship.
My new Facebook profile pic!! #Kea
Instead of setting an appointment to release class content, I did the opposite of a shitty CS TA. I gave all the content and materials BEFORE class. No “appointment based learning”. That died
An example of all the content and materials of Engineering 145/245 is, for example,
An example of all the content and materials of Engineering 145 is the twitter feed “#ENGR145”. Enjoy
PS Stramgt 353 is free too #Stramgt353, ‘Execution and formation of new startup ventures that cross the chasm” #Grousbeck

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