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Under 21 and College Credit Card Approved

by Larry Chiang on April 16, 2012

QUESTION: I am under 21 and applied for 2 credit cards and got them without showing proof of income. Under the US law, (credit card act of 2009) people under 21 need to show proof of income. (Note: I did not get parental cosignor). Is this law not really enforced?!

Under the Credit Card, CARD Act, there are two other components besides income: credit score and off-credit report scoring.

What school do you go to (I am guessing Stanford University.) The college undergrad at BFE university has a different result when they apply for credit.

What credit card did you apply for. I am guessing WF.

Where do your parents live. I am guessing bay area and your parents have you on their cellphone family plan. A hack for the undergrad at Bumble Eff Egypt State University in Urbana IL is to have the parents put the family power bills in juniors name. And add the social security number to that same power bill.

Remember. In the same way that college attaches a GPA to our .edu email address… a FICO credit score is attached to our social security number.

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