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UnOfficial Sequel

by Larry Chiang on April 11, 2016

By Larry Chiang
I took a lot of Customer Development Cycle notes. Heck, I even memorized the URLs and corollary page numbers inside Four Steps to the Epiphany

Customer Dev Cycle‘s a sales process that puts a protocol and syntax to sales and product development. As a technical sales rep trained at a Fortune 100 company, my viewpoint differs from my undergrad classmates in ENGR 145

Unofficial Austin (@UnofficialATX)
Executing “Customer Development Cycle” via #ENGR145s:

Update (with a new diagram)

Customer development cycle when "Crossing the Chasm From the Right" Customer development cycle when “Crossing the Chasm From the Right”

New way:

The dotted line area is in Main Street. Sales are easier on University Ave compared to the Palo Alto Hinterlands. 


Old way:
customer development MANIFESTO is a series of Steve Blank articles 

based on “Four Steps to the Epiphany“, Startup Death Spiral still has not been solved.

New way. [The sequel method to E145]
Executing “Customer Development Cycle” is done by shifting from the selling on left side of the Innovation chasm to the right side. This shift in focus does five things

– it commercialized the technologist before they try to commercialize a technology
– technologists practice selling things that exist.
– practice selling in the main stream
– selling to CTOs half-baked products would be tough even for a legendary sales person like Larry Chiang
#5 is down below inside of two 
#ENGR145 videos
5 PopUp sales internships via #ENGR145s (Technology Entrepreneurship, Engineering 145 sales)

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