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Was there a Privacy Violation!?

by Larry Chiang on December 13, 2015

Larry Chiang teaches engineering at Stanford University so that undergrad CS majors can get a JBA (Jedi in Business Administration). His young padawans act as associates for he VC firm and help him college content at his CNN iReport channel “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School”. He collects tactical morsels engineers can use right away. After Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ (it’s the same title as his NY Times bestseller). He is Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford University. If you read his hilariously awesome “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA” and “How to Get Man-Charm”, you will like his latest post:

Was there a privacy violation

By Larry Chiang

By Larry Chiang

This message said: I think I got a text from you June 30.
It’s December 13. So,
– I do not see a record of an outbound message to you.
– June 30 was a long time ago.
– Last night was Saturday and it was very late.

Full message here:

I received this text, (I think) from you (see image) quite a while back, obviously in error. Just now noticed as I was going through old messages. To find out who sent it I googled the phone number. What came up is in another image below. It appears there is personal info there, such as a cell phone number, etc. just thought you should know there may be some security issue that may need addressing, best, Jackie.

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