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What a Supermodel Can Teach an NFL Celebrity About FICO Scores at SuperBowl

by Larry Chiang on January 23, 2012

Larry Chiang teaches at a school that he could not get into and wrote a sequel to a book he read and re-read one time too many. He edits the Bloomberg BusinessWeek channel “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School”. After speaking at a law school in the Boston area, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ (the same title as his NY Times bestseller). He launched his book at a fashion show in NY called Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and wrote, “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA”. If you liked “9 VCs You’re Gonna Want to Avoid” and “How to Get Man-Charm”, you will like his latest post:

What a Supermodel (Male) Can Teach an NFL Celebrity About FICO Scores

By Larry Chiang

When it comes to credit card credit scores, we are all rookies.

Err, you.

You are all rookies.

Have a million dollar contract but bad credit?? It is not *CRAZY* it is cliche. Come to my party within a party and learn “What They Do Teach at NFL Rookie Camp (That They Don’t Teach in School)”

On the droid that Verizon just gave you in your giftbag for free, it is

Your super agent with the super law degree and players union ac-credit-dation (is that even how u spell it? It should be) looks to me for credit score advice and FICO score augmentation.

Join me for a credit tutelage, tutorship. If you can’t make it to the Nike party…, text me cell phone: 650-283-8008. Or if you’re worried I will abuse your cell #, get over yourself and just email my iPhone(s) chiang9 @duck9 with my cell in the subject line or I will never see your email

If you don’t like Nike, come crash the party anyway and bring me a Adidas . Reebok jacket and I will wear it even though Nike sponsors me. We can be hilarryAss like that. On Facebook, the event is here:

I know you guys care about getting into a video game, so I got myself into one too

Q: wtf, are u for real.
Ans: uh huh. And I am serious even when you think I am super jokey-joke-ie… I am being real

Q: what is your intention and hidden intention for helping me. Are u gonna take advantage of me and my cell phone number.
Ans: Look, I have Obama’s 312-804 cellie. I only text him so my articles go right into the presidential record. I am reaching out and networking with u cuz 20 minutes of my time will help u. a lot.

Q: Ok, I am in. How do I find u.
Ans: I am the 6’5″ chinese dude in a suit doing video at the party. I am pretty easy to find. And that is my real cell. I am here all week in Indy so say hi for two seconds and lets talk via phone

Q: Gawd, you’re a great guy — How can I help you.
Ans: U can text me about a cool party you’re going to but I am prolly crashing on the coat-tails of my mentor who founded IMG. Text me anyway!! I luv parties and roll in with no plus ones

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