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What a Supermodel (in CS 183x) Can Teach an Illinois CS PhD That Sucked at TA’ing

by Larry Chiang on December 8, 2014

by Larry Chiang

TA’s sucked at Illinois, so I will assume that you won’t learn from a student (me) who is now surpassing (you)

When I was new to Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Washington DC, I would hire a photog to take pix of me. You see, pictures drive adoption, catalyze networking and help non CS people connect the dots. Pictures tell a story in the same way that computer code executes a directive. This process is what supermodels do and know that you as a CS phD need to do too: get pictures taken.

This picture is the result of my falling asleep after promoting someone else's code. This picture is the result of my falling asleep after promoting someone else’s code.

I’d buy an extra tix for the photog and prepare in the same way that George Clooney rubs Turkey Bacon. On himself. Naked. Then, I would network and get a lot of pix. The avg salary of the room was $100k+. tix were $65. Hiring a photog costs about 1k. Sure, it helps to be 6’5″ with supermodel looks and the brain of an Einstein (literally. Literally I came up with the modern day Rule of 72 called the Supermodel Rule of 11:11). Anyway, the hiring of a photog works fine (even if you barely got in @Stanford and had to varsity letter in three sports to get recruited). Hiring a photographer to get pictures is smart

You should realize that just because I have a brain with an IQ of 188, i am out there and was out there working harder than the dudes who had to valet park all of these young professionals’ cars and almost as hard as all the Uber drivers who drove them all here to 1290 Sutter.

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