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What He Does Teach You About Founders’ First Steps

by Larry Chiang on July 5, 2014

By Larry Chiang

Founders, I’m honored and humbled Re #1 in entrepreneurship education at SXSW.

I love witnessing the first couple steps we take. I write daily as a cathartic practice. Writing my ‘morning pages’ is something I got mentored from the book, the “Artists Way”. Mostly I jot down founder’s notes in this blog on WordPress. It’s my friend Matt’s content platform.

As engineering co-founders-to-be, do what I did Re sell.

Do what Paul Graham and Mark Cuban recommend you to do. Sell
Paul Graham said a lot about promotion. I’m quoting an entire passage by spitting out a “” Mark Cuban reinforces sales as an ENGR 145 skill

Here I regurgitate another “” In my office hours, I “get out of the building” and meet you in a swank hotel lobby while a tech conference is going on

Remember, when you and two other people both ace engineering and ace the three blog posts up above…, you are moving UP. And to the right. y-axis is Sales Ability x-axis is Tech Expertise An example of “up and to the right” is a team of CS majors that all code and all promote. Y axis is promotion and distribution. X-axis is what your major in engineering taught you.

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