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What if you are not Y Combinator or Stanford. Can you still succeed in Silicon Valley?

by Larry Chiang on July 16, 2015

Larry Chiang welds a Jedi in Business Administration, (JBA) like a Four Seasons chef with a Gua Gua Guacamole recipe. He gets ROI’s for Stanford before you travel here from Singapore, Oak Brook, Naperville, or Pepper Pike. After a Harvard event, HBS wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” much to the chagrin of the GSB. Chiang taught Engineering 145, Technology Entrepreneurship, as an EIR. Now, he mentors us how to get knowledge and the network of Y combinator and Stanford University without either approving you to join Stanford University or YC.

Larry ChiangUPDATE: CS 183 classes are business classes inside computer science school (there are five hashtags that each correlate to the fork of PeterThiel’s class, CS 183; #cs183,  #CS183b, #CS183s, #CS183X & #CS183Do. By “fork”, I mean in the gitHub, C.S. sense of the word, ‘fork’. CS 183 is, of course, “Startup.”

Stanford University, School of Engineering
Stanford CA 94305

By Larry Chiang

Starting a company. Starting a startup is networking in an industry that you are crashing.

UPDATE [07-15-15 4:19pm] I lifted my anonymity because I wanted to exemplify that anyone can have a two way conversation with YC or/and Stanford University. Any pre-entrepreneur can network with the best of the best. Before you network in Silicon Valley, master steps #1 to #5 Re: you do not need permission for YC or Stanford Business School to get the knowledge or the network

Step #1) Master the Y Combinator essays (and the book Founders At Work)

1b) remember the Bit.Ly links. Remember, there is some sexually frustrated, socially awkward person in a basement in Vancouver mulling and grinding this knowledge by osmosis, into their brain. Osmosis bc its a smart brain void of all the counterintuitve entrepreneur truths

2) Engineering 145 classes. Tom Kosnik, Tom Byers, me, Chuck Eesley. Tons of content. The PDF’s have our cellphones on them. Master these classes.

3) CS 183 classes (there are five; CS 183, CS183b, CS183s, CS183X & CS183Do

4) read Paul Graham’s book


5) read mark McCormack (if you have 1 cent $0.01 because its used on Amazon Amazon
The total, net, net cost is appx $15.oo because Peter and Jessica have PDFs. Mr McCormack’s book is on the secondary market

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