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What is CS 183X at Stanford Like in the Year, 2023?

by Larry Chiang on October 24, 2014

By Larry Chiang

If you’re from a tier two CS school like U of I, you probably get MBAs asking you to be their biatch. It’s aka unpaid-in-cash intern w/1/4 of 1% stock tiered over 4 years.

Me and the Palo Alto’s Community’s College ain’t down with working for less than $12.5k/month, a tesla and maybe some series FF stock. It is a li’l bit of sticker shock, yes

But as I taught in “ENGR 145” at Stanford, an existing team of 3 CS majors can sell more baseball shoes than Derek Jeter. If you’re not American, these are called “cleates”. If you’re Indian American, it is the cautionary Silicon Valley tale called ePinions
Your conclusion? There must be an API that boils down (engineering pun intended PV=nRT) So, lets introduce you to CS 183X.


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Who’ll be the third VC to teach the last of the “CS 183” trilogy?? #CS183 #CS183B#CS183X

So CS 183 is and was a class called “Startup”

CS 183B is a class called “How to Start a Startup”
(Again free)
CS 183X is a lab where we can’t fail and set the CS183B-bell-curve. 20 of 63,030 will be on the right side. 
(Again, f-r-e-e)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
It’s #CS183X
So secret…,
It doesn’t exist


CS 183X’s more of a secret society than it is a class. Instead of a quarter, it lasts 5 quarters. I repeat, five quarters. CS 183x incorporates real Stanford classes, real student conferences, online videos of legendary Stanford keynotes, real summer internships, pop-up internships, self-study. It is engineered to never fail.

Back in 2015, the startup community could be summed up as the VC, Reid Hoffman’s fight against gravity:

“A startup is like jumping off a cliff and building the plane on the way down”
— Reid Hoffman****

****What Mr Hoffman fails to consciously competence-itialize is that he had 3 Founders Fund VCs be his “non employee co-founders”***

***Citation is Reid Hoffman’s Startup School speech, 2008. He stated, “Me, Peter, Luke and Max brainstormed. We came up with LinkedIn.” Then PayPal started to work**

**PayPal people are notorious for being “non employee co-founders”. It directly parallels “Selfie, no-self”* I mean when Peter Thiel co-founded Palantir, do you think he cozied up on a bean bag with Joe Lonsdale and coded?!

* Selfie, no self

See how the energy of the picture is high because they’re standing next to a live supermodel in-the-flesh? Then I crop myself out. Thus, now you understand what it’s like to have a VC be your non-employee co-founder.

In short, CS 183X is the 5 quarter process of making gravity work for us. CS 183x is where the pressure of succeeding is removed. Think in terms of a co-term. I mean it’s a one year masters degree. And if three Stanford athletes can co-term while they play a varsity sport called “Basketball”, and co-captain, you will know that it’s risk free. (see my risk Jedi in Business Admin. under the public firehose #RMRMRE). In summary, CS 183x is like starting college with 24 As. In conclusion, CS 183X parallels my Duck9 business that gets you a 99th percentile FICO score. It’s where the first 24 interactions with the FICO score credit grid are perfect.

“CS183x is to entrepreneurship success like your first 24 interactions with the FICO score credit grid. Executed flawlessly and perfect. Easy transparent and clear”

Well my padawan, this is CS 183x:

It starts…
– one Saturday the second Saturday of October at De Anza Comm College. It’s YCs startup school.

– CS 183x is all about the first 17 steps. I pattern recognize that the supermajority of entrepreneurship content is startup management. Not startup starting. CS 183 was theory. CS 183b kinda experienced… “#NoFocusOnFirst17Steps”

– ENGR145 basic (playlist)
ENGR 145 advanced (playlist)
is a bit ly I memorized that links to
is a bit ly I memorized that links to

– CS 183Do via #cs183do

– eBootcamp by Sequoia. It’s every April

– StartX open house.

– a Kauffman foundation sponsored startup weekend.

Execute: “Pop Up Internship #2”

– a “center for VC education” track. Conclusion: VCs wanna fund the self funded.

– CS 183b videos, blog posts and action items

– Pop Up Internship #1

– Pop Up Internship #4

IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE $500 at this point
– put your index finger down into your palm
– put your middle finger down into your palm
– put your thumb on top and now PUNCH YOURSELF IN THE FACE

Pop Up Internship #3

Pop Up Internship #5

As soon as you get to $1500, text me what your Entrepreneur Treasure Map looks like

CS 183x graduates you to #ZeroPoint6millionaire

Polishing YC Turds and getting SUPER RICH is #CS183Do
 Do text me after you execute 5-12 progressional steps of the hashtag #CS183Do
CS majors copy-paste stackOverHub. 
CS major CEOs execute “signature business recipes” that are demarcated under hashtags 
Engineering 145, Technology Entrepreneurship, is nicknamed ENGR145. And it’s free. These two videos introduce 13 hashtags (that help you sell more baseball shoes than Derek Jeter)
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
If you’re reading this from the future, I’m from the future. So lets meet at a party in the present @6502838008 #externalAPI #CS183X

By the time Chris, the 9-year old goes to Stanford, it’ll be so competitive to get in that Chris will need to be a McDonalds All American and have started and sold a computer science-ie business.

Who is “Chris”?!

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