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What is “Engineer Up a Tidal Wave of Momentum, Perpetual Promotion Machine” (EUTWMPPM)

by Larry Chiang on September 27, 2014

Heyyy Jamie Rothstein,
It’s Larry Chiang
We met at the TechCrunch August Capital party David Hornik and Howard Hartenbaum hosted.
I mentioned #EUTWMPPM and wanted to explain it better
The problem: Majority of startups don’t promote enough
Solution: get a tidal wave of marketing momentum going.
This is how EUTWMPPM works. It takes business recipes written in 1983 that my mentor wrote and freshens it up ever-so-slightly. My mentor was and is mark McCormack.
EUTWMPPM makes your
– wordpress link to
– Eventbrite. When then embeds a
– YouTube. And has another
– WordPress. Which links to
– home event page for #SXSW. w/an
– Slideshare preso called “How to do what duck9 does without halving to hire duck9”
– Use a rebate model to “sell out” using LCRRM
– fB and twttrr
– twitter account is LTMVTA (#LTMVTA is starting up your twitter.
Remember, your first 20 tweets are the hardest. Plus, do not care that zero people follow you.
Now, lets get paid
Lets get paid to practice EUTWMPPM
We are going to buy a scrap book for under $10. And then sell it for $150. Even if we don’t sell it, we will still have made something awesome
What am I talking about?!
CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
Buy this book
Improve this book Subj #eutwmppm
Sell it 4 more
I just got u to #ENGR145 + practice arbitrage #sxsw
So you purchase
It’s 9.99 on Amazon.
Then you watch the 5 videos below and copy words onto the Smash Scrapbook:
And like
More so
ENGR145’s mentioned but who cares because EUTWMPPM is so awesome

Download the official Twitter app here

ENGR145’s two A-W-E-S-O-M-E videos 
A 9 year old could do this!!!

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