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What They Don’t Teach You at Credit Karma

by Larry Chiang on June 21, 2015

Larry Chiang took Garry Tan’s advice at a holiday party TellApart was hosting. Garry Tan mentored Larry Chiang to be a “semi pro computer scientist”. Legendarily, Chiang came up with an External ‘Application Protocol Interface’ (#externalAPI) for the credit monopoly, Fair Isaac. Chiang did so by protocol interfacing a consumer credit score from outside of the FICO algorithm. Before teaching “CS183X”, he co-founded Duck9 as a NY Times bestselling, credit guru. His book is even optioned to Hollywood. WTDTYASBS’s has scene treatments and a pitch inside of the NY Times bestselling book. He’s testified before Congress and has hundreds and hundreds of TV appearances. He has two mentors he mentions, over-and-over, per press interview: Gerri Detweiler and Mark McCormack of, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School” fame. As a semi pro CS practitioner, he ate his own dog food by taking his own advice: “Follow Your CS183b Effort, Not Your Passion#CS183B.

“Fashion Week (Sept 10-20) is like #LeadGen in Las Vegas. Cuz they’re cool places to launch new deals.”
— Larry Chiang

By Larry Chiang


By Larry Chiang
I wanna lead off with the fact that me and Mike Arrington are fans of Kenneth Lin’s Credit Karma (@creditkarma)
It helped Mike get an Amex SPG–
This article was in US News and World Report:
Credit Karma (@creditkarma)
How to dispute errors on your credit report:

I’d like to be the person that augments this post with a bit of “technology”

@creditkarma –[#POBox105281] 
Let me repeat, #POBox105281 is a piece of technology because it’s a hashtag. It links to a set of “subroutines” to augment, hack, improve, raise and augment your FICO score. 
In short, #ExpTransFax and  #POBox105281 are smart ass ways for me to communicate that FCRA requires you to Application Protocol Interface with  #ExpTransFax using 
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 ATL 30374
Allen TX 75013
trans union
Chester PA 19022
ATL GA 30374
Big fan of augmentation. My butt made this selfie at Kauffman Center for VC Education. Stanford CS majors were co-hosting. Mona Brooks and Valeria

What credit karma doesn’t teach is the hashtag:
#PObox4500 #PObox2000 #PObox740256 
#ExpTransFax is disgusting. Disgustingly funny! Disgustingly hiLarryAss!!
CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
#POBox105281 ATL GA 30348 @freecreditrepor
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 ATL 30374


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
101 Secrets to Boost FICO Credit Scores #PObox105281…

Kinda true Ben Gold. Kinda true.

Ben Gold (@bengold)
Pretty cool that all credit score and credit report sites are a scam.


Thank you Kaitlyn Reed, Bryan Irace, Ryan Jones and “Nate”!!!
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
It’s just me, Ken and Aaron holding down the fort.…

Download the Twitter app for more things #ExpTransFax 

 #Belfie {Photo credit Larry Chiang}


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