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What’s a Gateway Mentor?

by Larry Chiang on May 28, 2015

Moonshine at @SXSW 2011 With @LarryChiang #sxsw – YouTube 

By Larry Chiang
Mentorship is important. But many miss the point. Many people rely on getting assigned a mentor. The general population fights getting mentored because they resisted a teacher in school. 
Be street smart
You have to ‘pay’ a mentor with gifts, compliments, advocacy of issues they care about or/and flowers
It’s street smart to woo a mentor with flowers 

As *your* gateway mentor, my only requested payment is that you write a paper thank you card to a high school teacher you had.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I resemble a ‘gateway mentor’ (‚Ķ

Female-to-female mentorship is tricky because older women sometimes don’t like younger versions of them
Kevin Kowalke (@kevinkowalke)
#MrPeabody, Dr. Dog, and the importance of a mentor #SXSW #GoGetChitter @LarryChiang

A gateway mentor helps you cut a verbal deal for a baseball. To teach you cutting deals with VCs and Silicon Valley bank execs:

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