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Whats Wrong with ENGR 245’s Customer Development Cycle

by Larry Chiang on April 28, 2016

By Larry Chiang

You’re customer develop cycling in the wrong neighborhood!!

When you are selling to technology enthusiasts and visionaries, you are practicing customer development cycle in the wrong part of the chasm

Customer Development Cycle contains the most learning at "The Launch" Customer Development Cycle contains the most learning at ‘RELEASE” aka “The Launch”. My argument for how to do it correctly is to do it from the right of the chasm. We launch a debut products that already exist.

We grand open products that do not contain anything that new.

THUS, we sell and promote and launch things that exist
Twilio is a product that has barely crossed the chasm

Remember, a lot of people still have not signed up for Uber and are still driving a cab. Selling them on an app you did not develop is verrrrry educational. So lets us do what #ENGR145s speaks to and practice premiering technology products. Let us do what #cs183s advocates: Practice ‘doing things that don’t scale BUT HAVE MOMENTUM’

Yes, I just DJ’d Professor Steve with PG. Steve Blank and Paul Graham.

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