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Who Knows What You’re An Expert About

by Larry Chiang on July 7, 2015

By Larry Chiang
So, national geographic is not the “go to” media when it comes to how a startup started. So, I forgive their leaving off Mike

Mike Prasad (@mikeprasad)
Yup I brought @kogibbq to a bunch of tech stuff. @briansolis‘ meetups, @macadaan‘s twiistup, etc. @MyMelodie @christinelu @wordies @NatGeo.

kogibbq (@kogibbq)

Christine Lu (@christinelu)
Y’all erased credit to @mikeprasad for putting @kogibbq on Twitter. I was there in early days. His idea.…

Melodie Tao (@MyMelodie)
@christinelu @wordies @NatGeo true!!! I remember @mikeprasad bringing @kogibbq to a tech event. I had never heard of the concept before him.

It brings up the point: Who knows what you’re an expert at!?


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