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Why Can’t I Get My Credit Report Online?!

by Larry Chiang on August 1, 2015

By Larry Chiang 

You cannot credit bureau dispute what you cannot access. The credit bureaus #expTransFax are making credit report access super tough.

49 Complaints and Reviews about AnnualCreditReport dot com
How many people suffer in silence!?! Look, I’m a credit industry EXPERT. I attended a lockpicking workshop at Huang Engineering building at Stanford. 
I EFFEN taught a class (#ENGR145). Even I cannot get my #ExpTransFax online at 
That is how usa law works. American law states a credit report via the Internet can have a ton of loops and hurdles to pass. 

The entire credit system is stacked, overflowed against the consumer. Computer science double entendre intended with StackOverflow. The credit system goes against common sense and laws are bent against consumer favor. In the same way a police officer is legally allowed to lie to you in the field, credit officials tell the most hilarious bold faced lies. [see the Average FICO score is 723 campaign]
You don’t live in NY or DC do you!? 
The settings for those towns are more consumer friendly because half the time, it’s a DC staffer trying to pull their own #ExpTransFax. NY is home to Charles Schumer and Carolyn Maloney. They are consumer credit advocates. You see I advocate credit reports via #poBox105281. I made a hashtag to show I’m tech savvy to the Chris Messina subroutine of using a hashtag to link together methods that matter. 
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