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Why Is #SiliconValley the Most Welcoming Place

by Larry Chiang on April 18, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Massively Open Online Class Is what makes Silicon Valley the most welcoming thing.
MOOC. Mooc looks like the American slang, “mooch”.  It means ask kindly and repeatedly for something valuable to be free. Moocher is the noun form. It’s a person who mooches. Well, MOOC has a “poster child” – it’s Stanford University.
By poster child, I mean a pic that encapsulates The Meaning and Stanford University’s knowledge activation effort. I have researched, curated and dug around for all things entrepreneurial, and Stanford university does the most.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
You will never find a more welcoming place than #SiliconValley. ie #GES2016. And yes, we all luv #sxsw…
This is Lisa Falzone. We share a mentor: Stanford engineering professor Tom Kosnik.
There are YouTube playlists that a seventh grader can study and google – all the entrepreneurship videos are free. I spent a lot of time watching these videos and putting them into curated YouTube playlists ahead of Global Entrpreneurship Summit 2016GES is June 22-24 at Stanford. GES rotates cities. This year it’s in California. In 2011, GES was in Turkey. In 2010, President Obama spoke at Tressider along with Turkey’s president. The Turkish president then sent over 60 students to attend summer quarter Engineering 145, “Technology Entrepreneurship”

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