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Why So Few Female VCs

by Larry Chiang on September 13, 2023

Technical sales
If we as women want more female VCs, we are gonna have to let Larry CHIANG’s poetic linked in posts inside of us. All vc is is tech sales. You cannot be a vc without the skill set of distribution, selling and networking with Larry Chiang 
Ladies, practice on me
Girls, “p”, prep by watching videoes
When women accept temporary set backs working for oracle, I see a unicorn in the making. She cold opened me. She bought me a drink
This is Sunset Room

Larry Chiang, tips 650-283-8008
Have you ever made money on an “open source” deal

Involuntary Money Celibate (ey Moo Cell) is a person who’s never arbitraged ‘a thing’

Arbitrage things don’t arbitrage your time

Sell “things” do not sell your time.

Portfolio arbitrage is step 650
#cs183d is 20 simple steps…

9/11/23, 7:25 AM

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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