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Y-combinator Startup School, Past, Past, Future and Present

by Larry Chiang on September 29, 2014

Larry Chiang uses crayons, sharpies, more crayons and a photocopier to outflank a team of Y-combinator founders. As a (JBA) Jedi in Business Administration, Harvard wrote about Chiang: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School” and also lets him write here and here. He once parlayed season tickets to Maples pavillion into a teaching gig: Stanford Enginering 145, “Technology Entrepreneurship”


By Larry Chiang

Startup school is not where you go to learn, it is where you go to “Do things that do not scale“. In other words, you do not go to sit… you go to execute.

First the learning. Then the execution. But you do not wait until October 11, 2014 (Saturday) to learn. You learn below. After you learn below, you execute the business recipes. They are down below as well.

The learning happens before because you use the PQRST study method of Preview, Question, Review, Summarize, Test). Prepare for Startup School! Preview the content at Startup School by reading the below articles and below videos.


and Jeff Bezos (who I met with because Brad Jefferson of Animoto was there too. Amazon invested)

At the DeAnza Community College auditorium, you should: – Network for an internship that is paid. – Promote something as an engineer – Execute a LTMVTA – Promote a friends startup in the way that Peter Pham promoted Photobucket at Startup School, 2008 (but ideally youre an engineer that promtes versus an econ major) – Leverage your Stanford Engineering, Computer Science 183B (CS183B) knowledge and increase the value of You, Inc. – Make some money: I’d sell pizza, credit reports or car insurance that leverages the OBIII port. It is pay-as-you-go, per mile insurance and it is innovative


Remember, I want to bring you back to the Paul Graham post. “Do things that dont scale”. You can build the skills, the execution and most importantly, the PRACTICE of entrepreneurship. I am doing my part using the hashtag CS183D with articles on Stanford ENGR CS 183D and Computer Science 183D (CS 183 d)

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