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You’ve Been Gmail Alerted Re John Waupsh, Steve Streit, Kevin Farley et al

by Larry Chiang on August 3, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I was going to call this article “British officials recruit ATX financial tech companies“…, but then it would sound too similar to this tweet I just read:

Austin Tech Council (@ATCouncil)
British officials recruit ATX financial tech companies for mission trip to the UK. #ATXgrow

UK Trade and Investment, all y’all got ‘Wimbledon’ quality game Re using Julia Hartz’s @eventbrite as an App (app as in credit and admissions app. Not a tech app:-) #Austin 

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
UK Trade and Investment, all y’all got ‘Wimbledon’ quality game Re using Julia’s @eventbrite as an App #Austin…

Download the Twitter app for more Re recruit ATX financial tech companies. Like 

kevinfarley (@kevinfarley)
Blind folded and duck taped. Yeah that’s how things start. #q2connect15

Recruit ATX financial tech company founder John Waupsh (@waupsh

John Waupsh (@waupsh)
#RBconf15 @LarryChiang as usual, you are an enigma. One thing’s for sure, he’s one smart dude.

Mr Waupsh is referring to Steve Streit who was funded by sequoia and is still the sitting ceo founder. Sequoia used to fire every founder on their homepage. Now, that VC seeks to keep founders 
Janet Esteep, Steve Streit & Larry Chiang at Austin’s Retail Banking Conference by American Banker /Source Media

I’ll text the Austin execs this link later this week

Are you CS majors in Austin!? Financial tech is so easy you could’ve executed an MVP and mvbp in high school. See these videos as a CS major 

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