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CS 183 Distribution Because No One at Stanford Will Touch CS 183d

by Larry Chiang on December 21, 2019

Larry Chiang commands a Jedi in Business Administration because New Stars will have you believe that you do need a mentor. The article, “CS183B Startup of You, Inc.” is content Chiang’s mentor taught him. Y Combinator cancelled “Startup School” and Stanford Engineering cancelled Stanford Entrepreneurship Week. Larry Chiang will never cancel classes on distribution, promotion and sales.

Larry Chiangby Larry Chiang

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
Lost and scared of entrepreneurship as an engineer / cs Major?!

Solution 20 #cs183distribution videos. Lecture 1; “Practice saying Ni hao”

That’s good morning in America

(#cs183distribution’s a Fork off of #cs183d where I do 27-35 sec “lectures”

Lec 2; “Asking to hold a strangers dog”. 

Common ratios for #TheApproach are having to ask 5- 50 🐶owners in order to get one yes. 

#cs183distribution (Lecture 2) is about failure that’s contained, fun and done in secret far away from Stanford University Engineering School. 

This solves 


No one will attempt cs 183d because star athletes used to never study film

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