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Financial Literacy to Avoid Bk

by Larry Chiang on October 28, 2021

By Larry Chiang 
Bk is bankruptcy 
When the Economic Hit Man comes back home, bankruptcy is imminent 

Who sold bitcoin to buy silver?? 

And speaking of stupid

🐺Wolf | Paradigm
⁦‪@TaraBull808‬⁩ ⁦‪@CEOAdam‬⁩ ⁦‪@AMCTheatres‬⁩ I’m not liking how this is going. Anyone can be bought it seems. Pumping SHIB which is clearly a distraction isn’t a good look.
10/27/21, 5:07 PM

Wolf paradigm is talking about:

Hey ⁦‪@CEOAdam‬⁩ can we add $Shib to the list of accepted crypto ⁦‪@AMCTheatres‬⁩?🍿 #AMC #SHIB
10/27/21, 1:15 PM

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