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Helen Shaughnessy and Irina Litchfield on Falling in Love with Problems

by Larry Chiang on March 16, 2017

FTC Disclosure: I financially benefit from Stanford Engineering and the no cost access to entrepreneurship classes inside the Stanford Engineering department
By Larry Chiang
Got a passion for problems?!
Problems is box #1 inside Lec 8, 11, 17 and 18; #ENGR145, “Engineer up a business model”. Engineering 145 is technology entrepreneurship.
image1.JPG Problems is “Box #1”

Problems turn into money

Helen Shaughnessy (@CoolProdExp)
Fall in love with the problem not an idea @amyjokim @LeanProdMeetup #prodmgmt

FTC Disclosure: I benefit from Dan Olsen’s #prodmgmt speaker series and receive press access and sit front row. 

“don’t fall in love with an idea; fall in love with solving a problem”
Helen Shaughnessy has a slide
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Reminds me of @IrinaLitchfield‘s *problem*@ ;#SXSW #finTech. I love solving messy credit stains & ducking Bk, avoiding 9’s #duckBk #prodMgmnt…

So, a problem at a #SXSW event was @IrinaLitchfield‘s sheer silk blouse. It had a massive orange cream stain from the chicken satay (on-a-stick) at the Financial Luminaries event at 200 Congress. Day 3; FinTexas event #4 of 7.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#fintechLuminaries @IrinaLitchfield, do you have a pic of your shirt w/the orange cream stain before & after on-site stain removal? Lost.


Irina Litchfield (@IrinaLitchfield)
@LarryChiang I don’t, somebody was taking pictures though. I wonder if it surfaces . Are you still in Austin?

Irina Litchfield (@IrinaLitchfield)
@LarryChiang I remember this: I found stain on my shirt, you came to the rescue, it was gone and we decided that I have abs


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#sxsw n @IrinaLitchfield can you tweet the sequence of stain, horror, solution & denouement


Irina Litchfield (@IrinaLitchfield)
@LarryChiang I just remember that you were magic=)


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Steps! We need the steps, @IrinaLitchfield of how shirt stained to shirt cleaned- Not 2 circles to OWL like a #cs183yC#duckBK


Irina Litchfield (@IrinaLitchfield)
@LarryChiang I’ll get you steps:)


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Awesome, @IrinaLitchfield
I will look forward to these tweets. #sxsw Re #duckBK knowledge activation.


Irina Litchfield (@IrinaLitchfield)
1-stain on shirt 2-terror 3- @LarryChiang rubbing something on my shirt 4-clean shirt = happy me 5-everyone is thrilled #duckBk

Magic implies…
 Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
3/16/17, 7:36 AM
Confucius #sxsw Like a credit exec working both sides of the ‘chargeoff equation’, I can break down the 65, *seem-magic* steps.

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