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How Do You Get Press as a Stanford Engineering Founder

by Larry Chiang on September 21, 2016

By Larry Chiang

Normally, I say do not listen to women about how to pitch women.
But, in this case do listen to this blogger about how to pitch bloggers

Purple Cows. And Innovators Dilemma.

Okay, here are some methods to sell tech bloggers on covering your ENGR 145 startup
-1- Be an expert witness inside your specific industry vertical

Build the relationship by providing expertise and opinion. Reporters are required to be a jack-of-many. So, reach out with
– What to pay attention to (inside FinTech)
– How things might turn out.
– What recent occurrences really mean.
– How it might all turn out.

-2- Be an anonymous tipster.

Tech bloggers need to be tipped off.
Sometimes, a story brews and you might be the third or second ‘tip’.

-3- See getting press like it is getting a sale.

If you have been helpful over time, then press for an article where you get featured. The value equation is we, the Stanford engineering founders, provide value first. Then, ask for a favor.

I remember #startupSchool when @arrington gave this talk at Bishop 2008 Mike and MG also spoke to YC founder, @mwseibel, at Angel summit. Michael Seibel talks about how getting press is like business development in “The Macro”

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