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How to Do Basic Networking

by Larry Chiang on March 22, 2017

By Larry Chiang
Networking. In 2017, it’s what you know as a Stanford engineer and who you know. Increase what you know by googling and reading who the invited speakers are. 
Networking is my mentor’s Chapter 4. I tagged networking items on twitter #ch4
[I swear it’s only the student athletes in Stanford engineering who read the syllabus and google the guest speakers. We do this because as student athletes, we have all been embarrassed by a nobody athlete from a nowhere school. Googling tape and doing background research helps Tom Brady win. That’s @strivrLabs*]

* Google em you lazy mother scratcher

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How to Take Notes During a Lecture. @LarryChiang #cs183pqrst

Ace a cocktail party like you’re preparing for Lecture #14 on ExternalAPI’s for Stanford Eng #cs183e** So, for example, there is a cocktail dinner at Garden Court Hotel. 

Dave McClure is hosting and Steve Blank is speaking. The year is 2008. Yes, the same guy who taught ENGR 145 (~2008). 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How to Read @sgblank‘s {#4ste} Book *Before* the Dinner Lecture Hosted by @davemcclure. #SaSaSalsa networking BASICS
#ch4 #cs183pqrst


My notes look like Professor Blank’s notes. It’s because I sought a mentee mentor mind meld. 
It allowed me to ace that networking event because I treated that cocktail party like there was going to be an 11 chapter pop quiz; pop-up-final. 
image3.JPG Startup death spiral was solved by my sequel Harvard blog post The Fifth Epiphany

Fifth epiphany.

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