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How to Start Your Own Cloud Kitchen as a ‘Cloud Carbohydrate’

by Larry Chiang on October 8, 2019

By Larry Chiang 

Love #CloudKitchen by Travis kalanik and also cheesie carbs?! But are also curious about  howTony Hsieh from Zappos started his first business

image2.jpegCloud carbohydrate would be like selling cheesie bread and the selling it

Wait. No. More. 

‘Cloud Carbohydrate’ is a three quarters baked SEQUEL. #cloudCarbohydrate is when you make Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese for rich people that don’t realize that cowgirl creamery sharp cheddar in block format tastes about 300x better than powdered cheese. Plus, boil your (elbow) pasta in organic chicken broth you lazy Asian people. 

Plus, it’s delivered in SoMa, Scottsdale-in-March, and SoHo. 


Fork #CloudKitchen?

Cloud Milkshake is when you mix a shake for millionaires that can’t wash a blender or read an ingredients list

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