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I Wonder If Amex Will Approve Me for the Bonvoy App American Express Card

by Larry Chiang on March 5, 2019

By Larry Chiang
Trolls have called me a connector. A connector is a person who hosts and connects people. As if connecting is a bad thing!
Well, I also connect computer money protocols. Yes, USA currency has a protocol where based on the fico algorithm, we set how much money you’re figuratively worth. Pun, intended. 
The address #1825eBuckeyeRoad has laws that favor consumers trying to get a high FICO credit score established 

Grab a crayon or writing instrument of your choice

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“I wonder if Amex will approve me for a starwood credit card” #1825eBuckeyeRoad…

Mike Arrington talked about it

Travis Kalanik talked about it
It is “getting American Express to approve you for a credit card while being an entrepreneur. 
Get a fico score of 765 by using Bank of America as your starter husband 
Get a fico score of 760 by using Bank of America as your starter wife. 

I’m at South by Southwest March 10, 11:11am 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“Bank of America” in Austin, TX is at #515Congress (bcc #530Lytton #1825eBuckeyeRoad) Virtual, office Hrs #UT20…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

Grab a pen or writing instrument of your choice and prepare for a war de la paper because that smartphone isn’t going to help you

And then run protocol #1825eBuckeyeRoad which is 24 perfect interactions with a Bank of America credit card that is applied for and approved against your solo Social Security Number. To repeat, 24 on time payments of $20-$30 every month. 

After payment is made TWICE PER MONTH, make sure Experian Trans Union and Equifax have this information in their reports. Threaten publicity of they deter, distract or delay your efforts to data confirm the positive credit data you just made them deep throat. 

Once per month at $30 isn’t enough. I would do $15 paid twice per month. Heck, just pay off your Bank of America credit card EVERY THURSDAY. 

24 months of paying on time. 
Making sure you text me if you’re at #515Congress and getting delayed in INSTANT CREDIT APPROVAL. 

The business model of the credit system is BROKER NEGATIVE information. 

If you’re curious about more money protocols, see my twitter. And for goodness sakes PUT PEN  TO PAPER. I CAN SEE YOU JUST DOING NOTHING AFTER BOOKMARKING THIS ON YOUR PHONE. 

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