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Inverted Fun Curves

by Larry Chiang on August 16, 2019

By Larry Chiang

Flip and invert the fun curve
Women who are 29-33, invert your fun curve. Fun curves are exactly like the Interest rate Yield Curve Inversion. Nature makes you less fun when fewer men try to date you. 
Women who are 25-29 yo, are the “10 year”
29-33 are the ‘2 year’

Sexual Market Value, #cs183smv has another axis that’s hidden. 

I reveal the hidden third axis on 10-10-2019 in Los Angeles. I have tagged a teaser on Twitter by using the hashtag #10Oct2019 
Like the Easter Bunny who makes you learn stuff about Christianity, I buried a bunch of eggs to teach you at Deep Underground Crypto Knowledge At d.u.c.k.9
Let’s get back to basics…
What is an inverted yield curve? It marks a point on a chart where short-term investments in U.S. Treasury bonds pay more than long-term ones. Here’s why it’s widely regarded as a bad sign for the economy.

In conclusion, inverted the fun curve

It exactly marks the point on the Sexual Market Value, SMV, graph where diminishing Sexual Market Value coincides with a massive drop in fun. #cs183age #cs183smv

Younger = more fun
Older, less fun. 

Invert the fun curve

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