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Kobe is the New Ronny Lott cc Spencer Punter

by Larry Chiang on September 15, 2016

Poem by Larry Chiang 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
You remind me a lot,
Kobe, of Ronny Lott.
Zomg that investment kicks
Just Like capitalDynamics!…

Spencer Punter is a good guy to know because of his CapDyn days (that’s Ronny Lot’s Limited Partner, LP). Ronny Lot you’ve probably met from Super Bowls. He did a genius LP fund back in the late 90’s. I crashed their annual Christmas parties at Blue Chalk. 

Oh. Also, Phil Wickham is a great guy to know also. He has binders and binders full of VC education. He works at Kauffman. Like the stadium in KC, but as a Center for VC education here in Palo Alto. 

lawrence aragon (@laragon)
VCJ exclusive Kobe Bryant, shooting for a big score, joins league of athletes-turned-VC: Subscription Require…

Feb 26, 2013. #nyfw and the Kobe Bryant (water) AfterParty after a Knicks game

Kobe– Come to TC Disrupt next year. I’ll get you dates to be in SF (and the penthouse suite at Fairmont on AOL 😉 Lol, they own the tech blog you read, TechCrunch

PS Larry Aragon is cool. He wrote about me and Rudy Garza. Mr Garza is a Texas LP. If you need the article sent via email or a screenshot inside We Chat, I’m 650-283-8008. 
We chat ID @ceo6502838008


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