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Large Companies vs Small Teams #cs183team

by Larry Chiang on October 16, 2016

By Larry Chiang 

large companies are cliches. 

never underestimate a motivated & capable person / small team vs. some big, rich disorganized, clueless company that doesn’t give a f***.

– Dave McClure

Celeste, me and Ofo as a team got a lot bigger.
Small teams that are motivated and focused win every time – Networking happens at events you host. Large companies have a hard time executing because of the cliché bureaucracy. 

Execute a small SXSW event and then have a large company join & aquire it. Your small company event will be bigger and you can practice M&A #cs183ma

#cs183team. A small preexisting team can come together to execute more because of muscle memory. Assembling your own pop up entourage is good practice managing and getting managed. 

Snapchat photo credit @davePeck Dave Peck, PayPal Great things happen at the Fast Company grill. Me and Ofo say, “Thx HPE for sponsoring drinks and food!”

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