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What’s Larry Chiang’s Blockchain Play via #shitcoinTurnarounds

by Larry Chiang on January 17, 2018

By Larry Chiang
I get asked what I exactly do a lot. To be clear, I execute and #cs183do a lot. I do a lot of lead generation and I do a lot of stuff that seems magical.


It’s not magic, it’s business recipes anyone can pattern replicate.
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
What is larry Chiang doing in Blockchain


– pattern replicating PlanCast after the founder wrote the postmortem. #prprpi

I’m rereading this for the 11th time and I learned something. I googled it because of my #shitcoinTurnaround curation. And it relates to this because after the founders had given up, I put protocol #cs183e into play.


Mark Hendrickson told me of his postmortem
at Startup School at Stanford University.
I am founding Entrepreneur In Residence of Stanford. I have banged zero undergrads

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