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Luis Iván Cuende on the Decentralized Team Doing a Crypto Token as a Centralized Startup

by Larry Chiang on August 15, 2017

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
1/ Token sales raising too much money are not the problem. It’s the sense that it’s being raised by a centralized team/startup

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
2/ Capital raised by token sales should be managed by the network, represented by the token holders, and not a centralized team/startup

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
3/ The capital should be used to build network effects, making the network valuable. The term startup is outdated and doesn’t reflect that

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
4/ Networks represented by tokens ARE NOT startups

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
5/ We’re in a weird phase where governance tools are being built (working on it) so funds are still centrally managed

Luis Iván Cuende (@licuende)
6/ That will change and accelerate the transition from startups to networks in the crypto space. FIN

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