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Official Larry Chiang Press Pass at Miami’s Slew of Bitcoin Conferences. One at an Unnamed Airport Location and one at Miami Convention Center Apr 6, 7 & 8

by Larry Chiang on March 23, 2022

UPDATE: Even if badges are SOLD OUT

Larry Chiang Press Passes may still be available

By Larry Chiang
This article is written by my brain on billionaire mode
Cant HODL one thought
Distraction not by life changing money or wife-changing-money but by girlfriend changing and changing
PROBLEM: Press passes. Who knows whom to reach out to
Bitcoin people are not the nicest to MSM. Yes, you’re Main Stream Media and you’ve defacated on Bitcoin for how many years now
SOLUTION: No worries. I’ve press passes for “The Bitcoin Conference”
What they are is a retail “pleb” badge that I spent US dollars for. 
Question: What are your press credentials and media background 
LARRY CHIANG answer: My articles have appeared in Fast Company, CNN, TechCrunch, StanfordDaily, VentureBeat, GigaOm, Bloomberg, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and dozens of local papers like NY Times and Washington Post. 
My media background is I collect things they don’t teach you in school. I first interacted with bitcoin by giving away ice cream sandwiches as Bitcoin’s founding VP of Sales*
Technically it’s founding “forward deployed engineer” but that sounds too technical tech sales when VP of Sales is just the right amount of tech sales

Note: I do not represent the interests of Bitcoin, A Bitcoin Conference, the #bitcoin Conference or Pleb.Fi. Trademarked logos you see at their conferences belong to them. I am just the purveyor and curator of badged access

Bitcoin 2022
The largest #Bitcoin conference in history starts in 15 days!


3/22/22, 9:00 AM
An alternative to emailing / texting me is the reach out on Twitter to @theBitcoinConf
Keep in mind, there is no relationship because I get a press pass by SMASH BUYING a badge from the @theBitcoinConf website 

jeremy rubin | bip-119
psa: if you do not want to have to turn in your pleb card you have to attend

just trying to save people the hassle

(ps boat made by the incredible

3/10/22, 1:00 PM

WordPress’d from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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