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Palo Alto’s HanaHaus [spec ideas]

by Larry Chiang on June 28, 2016

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
we should do something cool together, @hanahaus along with @NASDAQ. Lets kill 7 birds with one #cs183e stone this summer

HanaHaus (@hanahaus)
@LarryChiang sure, what do you have in mind?

Reverse Job Fair@NASDAQ listed companies and the VCs who invested ONLY get to pitch. Normally at a job fair, employers pitch. At a reverse job fair, we engineers get pitched. Only @NASDAQ listed companies and the VCs who invested can pitch to engineers. 

Engineers are the new VCs?!? How do we as engineers judge value when we are getting offered 1-4% as the first technical hire? Yes, money is cheap and VCs $$ is easy, but quality engineers and developers are at a premium. This optional workshop breaks down how to be VC-like in our analysis of job opportunities. 

Palo Alto area Interns Party. 
A time honored tradition = journeying to Silicon Valley for a summer gig. That’s how I first came. Anyway, it’s a gaggle of engineering interns. We eat free food provided by @NASDAQ listed companies and the VCs that made 1000x on them. 

VC Mixer. 
A 25 minute panel. Plus networking. Yawn… 😉 why edit was is not broken. Why alter the concept of a VC panel with networking after. 

Pop Up Food Truck. 

While I hate eating at a food truck because it reminds me of being an engineer working the third shift, food trucking won’t die. 

Real World Product Hunt Launch Party. Since launching online will always pale in comparison to IRL, maybe have a real world component. I mean something that debut on PH must eventually go public on @NASDAQ, right!?!

#cs183e. Me and Marty Pichison reveal a secret world of startup bankruptcy via ABC’s (assignment for benefit of creditors). 


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