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Rule of 72, 11:11 and the Role of Semi Pro Physicists. And Belfies

by Larry Chiang on June 23, 2015

Not a butt selfie. Not a belfie. Photo credit Ciara Le
By Larry Chiang
Before Albert was a pro physicist, he was a semi pro physicist and full time accountant. Albert Einstein won an award doing a lead generation effort called Rule of 72. It’s compounding interest.
72 divided by interest rate equals time it takes to double the initial principal.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Doing 11:11. 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 has got to be th most @asse9 asinine dumb job a semi pro physicist has ever done #1111
1’s are on-time payments
24 on-time payments gets you a FICO score over 750
Twenty-four 1’s gets you a credit score over 750.
6, 11:11’s is six times four equals twenty-four 1’s
As a semi-pro physicist, I am the only Silicon Valley executive who leverages a force called “Gravity”
Don’t even get me started on my PhD thesis’s sequel, “work executed has momentum as documented by Hashtags”
A sequel to a PhD which I don’t have would be a “JBA”. Jedi. 
Before JJ Abrams directed the Christmas movie, he directed “Alias”. It was a abc TV show
Btw, people send me #Belfie’s
Photo credit Larry Chiang
The first BELFIE was an accident. As an accidental entrepreneur(ial event at Kauffman Center for VC Education). 2012. I’m competitive with the Instagram belfie female! (Link needed in the comments please!)

A belfie is a butt selfie.
Semi pro physicists who become pro make “things as simple as possible. But no simpler.” –Albert Einstein
My goal:
Make entrepreneurship as hilarious as possible. Then read the curated feed of funny at #hiLarryAss on my FlipBoard feed
A picture of your butt that someone else takes isn’t a selfie. Or a belfie 

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