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See the Case Study of ENGR 145 Students Launching at Google I/O

by Larry Chiang on June 24, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Engineering 145 and Google I/O start in the same week.

Engr 145 is a class at Stanford University. It teaches you about technology entrepreneurship. Summer quarter starts approximately June 24. Google IO is a google developer conference. It’s June 24 too.
So how can you launch a company on the first couple days??
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Do you know what #LC9090i is @garcegarce. It’s realizing 90% of the work is already done!! I’ll email u Re a book launch at #sxsw

ENGR145’s goal is to move you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve. Pay attention to the concept my mentor taught me, “sequelized businesses”
The case study has video where the engr 145 students pitched the CTO of Google and got mentored. It’s on my YouTube.
image.jpeg Camp Grounded is my notebook.
What is #LC9090i!?  It is magic. it is jiu jitsu where you use existing momentum. In Jiu Jitsu fighting, you use your opponents momentum and large size against them.

Kym McNichols (@kymbee): spoke about entrepreneurial jiu jitsu on TV 🙂

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