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Starting. Entrepreneurship Goals By July 4th

by Larry Chiang on June 25, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Starting is hard so the @StateDept hosts an entrepreneurship conference to stimulate learning. 

Global Entrepreneurship Summit just took place on campus. Lots of world leaders, rising stars and a lot of mentorship… The most important lessons get glossed over.

Penny Pritzker (@PennyPritzker)
Meet the 11 PAGE members who will join me, @JohnKerry, and @POTUS at #GES2016 this Thursday: @ges2016 @StateDept

Let’s use this article to break down some very specific tactics. Ms 
Pritzker is not going to help you startup your credit report. 

…let us examine some steps if you’re new. 
Let’s examine some initial steps if you’re not VC funded, but would like to be. Remember, Penny Pritzker used to run Trans Union. 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Trans Union is your gateway to VCs. It’s business protocol, *#530Lytton* cc #poBox2000 & #poBox105281 @pennypritzker


#530Lytton, Palo Alto California 94301, 650-566-9600. 
VCs want to see how much shareholder equity you build with a $300 credit line before they meet you to VC fund you. It knowledge activates “the cost of starting a startup is very low”. 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Deep Underground Credit Knowledge. Duck 9’s. 9’s = chargeoffs that ruin credit scores. CNN…



Stanford University (@Stanford)
Obama at #GES2016: We must be willing to admit new information that might contradict our preconceptions.…
Computer science is the most popular major at Stanford for females.
July 4th starts you up with 3 undergrads with a FICO over 700
So take the small line of credit that business recipe and protocol, *#530Lytton* gives, and let’s get you more money. 
Take paper notes about this and #530Lytton. Tweet @LarryChiang the notes

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