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The Hour Between Dog and Wolf

by Larry Chiang on October 14, 2020

By Larry Chiang



The Hour Between Dog and Wolf.
Thought it was going to be about money. Turns out it’s all about Sports Psychology as it applies to running money. I swear I didn’t write this book
Don’t. Blame. The. Reader.
Just a book report here: Jason Johnson and Noelle Lynne. P 223 has to do with that Octopus Documentary
I think that that girl octopus could smell his chemical and because of that, bond. If a shark can smell a mile away. That octopus probably did a brain scan. Caroline Rodriguez used p 246 to shape p 215 is vintage Tom Brady because while he may just be an employee as per his Howard Stern interview…, he’s the CEO of his central nervous system.
This plays into Tom Kosnik’s Lecture on personal business plan. Maybe Lec 19? Off the top of my head Lec 19; #ENGR145

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