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The Problem Technical Founders Have

by Larry Chiang on November 15, 2019

Technical founders often lose their money.

This post explores ducking bankruptcy as a tech founder.

Cautionary tale: Nicolai Tesla.

Problem: Tesla, like Nicolai Tesla and JP Morgan started a company. Tesla made zero. (GE founder = Morgan; hat tip @GarryTan for #netflix Rec).

Photo credit, Tom Brady

#nonEmployeeCoFounder is like a “selfie No Self”. Tom Brady took the selfie. And he cropped himself out

Problem: Tesla died bankrupt.

Solution: Duck bankruptcy

Case study with Elon Musk, my #WrightBros based theorem = Musk funded Tesla StartX by initially selling

– yellow pages {Zip2}

– debit cards outta Omaha {PayPal #poBox45950}]

Photo credit Larry Chiang

initially, I’ll be your #nonEmployeeCoFounder

Hope every time you see a Tesla, all y’all think:

Nickie Nick Nicolai Tesla was a #nonEmployeeCoFounder of GE [General Electric] but earrned zero dollars 

Losing means dying poor as a GENIUS


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