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Tom Noyes & B of A’s Provisioning Tokens

by Larry Chiang on September 16, 2016

Unedited by Larry Chiang

Tom Noyes (@noyesclt)
Bank of America hints at provisioning tokens to Paypal next year (autoloading consumer payment instruments). Wow!! In front of Zelle??

📈 Dave Birch (@dgwbirch)
@noyesclt so they will provide “ACH tokens” to BofA accounts for both Zelle and PayPal but PayPal first?

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Tom Noyes (@noyesclt)
@dgwbirch no no.. not ACH tokens. Visa debit tokens provisioned to PP (now VDEP compliant). Debit funding allows banks to get $$ (vs ACH)

📈 Dave Birch (@dgwbirch)
@noyesclt but surely ACH push will be cheaper than debit pull?

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