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Tweet by Joshua McCullough on Twitter Connects to Larry Chiang Bio

by Larry Chiang on March 20, 2021

Email. Publish. Post. 
VC. Humbled to be one of the 23 VCs who are in the Top 10
Steve Kerr visiting 🌲 keynote
Wanna be a 🐝 on a wall
Kobe’s Rams keynote was a great call
I texted student athletes to record
Asked Kerr to text intro Pippen to Kodye
Good looking know-it-all-know-em-all
CEO at duck9
Those seats there in the front row must have LARRY CHIANG supermodel written on them
#WTDTYASBS – what they don’t teach u at Stanford Business School = me. Your book = ….GSB
All in, what they don’t teach u at Stanford GSB
When Money Does
– Adam Ferguson
When money GROWS
– Larry Chiang
Decentralize, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (post Cancel Culture, you can’t cancel what’s not centralized:-)
I’m verrrrrry Shanghainese 
Job title: TekNoKing jus like Elon but spelled diffy!!!! #ch3 #ch5
Job title: Semi Pro Basketball Player, Watcher
Preferred pro noun: Execute
Preferred verb: Do
Preferred noun: jobapreneur
and which ARE DIFFY  🐥
I’m doing it right ass I do it correctly 
To make money, speak about PROBLEM~> SOLUTION. And get specific 
The “Lou Cipher” is in the details
Or pretend you do not want money
Remember Larry Chiang oh so loved money that he wanted you to get sum. If I gave it to you, you’d O.D. on drugs. Making money is the endorphin dopamine and norepinephrine drugs my GIANT brain makes for your peeeeee sized brain
On bee 🐝 half of my 650 mentees…., YOURE WELCOME
Problem. Credit
Solution = #poBox16589 which u MOIST google 
Problem: Merchant never shipped the Bitcoin yoga pants
SOLUTION: PayPal merchant dispute protocol, #poBox45950!!
Humbled to be an investor of Game Stop. This will be my 650th shitCorp Turnaround as a vc with $*
*nickel = $5
An army of VCs with USD $5 is like a decentralized Hedge Fund where LP’s have $50 hooked up to #FidelityCashApp is fidelity having sex w/cApp to make a baby U own. 
That’s #externalAPI
🔮🔮 #cs183e 🔮🔮
That’s a Stanford Engineering class who’s a syllabus I extrapolated 3 years prior to CS 183e being a twinkle in a department heads eye. #cs183e, Lec 1 lets you play 4D chess. 
Edit is turning around a piece of turd
No Twitter account?? Best tweets in 🇺🇸 🇨🇦are at
🐼 5’ 16 1/2” 227 lb🔫 1.91m
“Outsider Trading should be okay BECAUSE ITS F🐥CKING LEGAL”
– Larry Chiang
USA Congressional Testimony expert witness since 2ooo
What does KP stand for?
I can’t tell you why
#cs183mm money management

Joshua McCullough
3/19/21, 12:18 PM

Sent from my personal iPhone, 650-283-8008, that Steve Jobs texted me on

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