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Uber’s Referral program / lead gen practices

by Larry Chiang on August 27, 2014

Dear Tips at TC: Uber is cheating Background: uber has a referral program that seems too great to be real. First time users get $30. Referrer gets $30. Only I, as the lead generation (referrer) haven’t been getting credit In the lead gen industry, doing a 50/50 split means it’s a $60 total bounty. A 60 dollar rip. 60.oo in comm for a new user who downloads the Uber app, sets up their credit card, and takes a ride. [{ It used to be a 50-50 split where the user gets $20 & referrer gets $20. For a total of $40} I never got screwed back then :-] Except, Uber is only paying the first time user. They aren’t paying the referrer who did the leadGen (Aka me). You have a previous story where someone used a Tinder to embed their Uber code (my uber code is p9tds) To confirm my hypothesis that I was getting short changed on doing Uber lead gen, I had my girlfriend input a new credit card on a new iPhone with a new account everything. Anyway, thought you would like to know Yes, I lead gen for work and lead gen as my hobby. I moved out to silicon valley because paypal was doing a 50-50 lead gen deal and was wrought with light college student “fraud” where smart users got multiple accounts. I did leads for 50% more but attached a credit card number (Note this is what Uber is doing as well. Note: this is lead gen ‘cost per lead’ and “cost per activated account”. An activated account is an account – with a smartphone download – with a credit card – with one Uber transaction cc my blog (LARRY CHIANG) Re Uber’s lead gen practices

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