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We Rate Bitcoiners, and By “We” I Mean @WeRateBitcoiners Rates Them

by Larry Chiang on July 10, 2017

WeRateBitcoiners (@WeRateBitcoiner)
Meet @JeredKenna. The Early Miner. Lost most of his bitcoin to a social engineering hack and weak sms 2-FA. Rarely complains. 14/10


WeRateBitcoiners (@WeRateBitcoiner)
Meet Laszlo Hanyecz. The Pizza Guy. He spent 10k BTC on 2 pizza in 2010. Our 1st real world tx. Couldn’t bring ourselves to dox him. 14/0


WeRateBitcoiners (@WeRateBitcoiner)
Meet @TuurDemeester. The Economist & Content Curator. A well rounded, consistent source of unbiased info. Longest tweetstorm in crypto.13/10


WeRateBitcoiners (@WeRateBitcoiner)
Meet @gavofyork. A Turin Complete Vitalik. Wrote most of the initial Ethereum code. Never part of $TheDAO. Wishes for a time machine. 14/10

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