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What’s a Jobapreneur? #LABCS3373

by Larry Chiang on August 13, 2016

By Larry Chiang 

One of the most common questions I get is “What do you as ceo look for in employees!?”


People who take ownership.

Entrepreneurial, intrapreneurial.

These are all characteristics of a pattern that I observe called Jobapreneur. Jobapreneurship is the foundation for becoming a future founder. I’ve read a lot about entrepreneurship and see its underpinnings in jobapreneurs. We are a wholly different kind of employee and I’m exposing exactly how Jobapreneurs are different using the 3-silos method inside of OB (I have a JBA in org Behavior)

The “Three Silo’d” Method is three work silos that are like grain silos. Each silo stores and compiles a form of work:
1) Silo Number One [1]. Fundamental work as per the basic job description. Think Maslow’s hierarchy at the lowest level(s)

2) Silo Number TWO [#2]. Managing Up. Bossing around your boss and directing company resources that are higher than you in the company hierarchy.

3) Silo Number THREE [#3]. Performing “External Deliverables”, performing proactive work that involves anticipation of future directives from your boss and literally going “above and beyond” what a purely fuddy-dudd employee would do. Crap employees live in just silo #1.

Jobapreneur also transitions you to founder.

Jobapreneur is where you’re an undefined employee that is an independent contractor. A proprietor inside as a cog. Your role is to make that machine run better and grow bigger. Growth is one of the hardest things for a startup so Jobapreneurs help inside silo #3.

Jobapreneur is also where you’re a 1099 employee. See how this Uber driver who’s an independent contractor, drives driver growth (pun unintended 🙂

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
“A perfect, perfect ride is where a first time Uber driver drives using your referral code” #cs183uber #labcs3373

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