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Yahoo Finance AMA

by Larry Chiang on May 30, 2016

Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance)
How much can removing one negative item raise your credit score? 

By Larry Chiang

Every day is AMA. Ask Me Anything. 

Removing one negative item can raise your credit score. Removing an item is difficult. Removing an item is impossible if you do not write to #poBox0001

That’s AMERICAN Express’ po box in Los Angeles CA 90096. 

Larry Chiang with a Platinum American Express at New York Fashion Week. 
The majority of supermodels know to write letters to Dispute. The supermajority of supermodels know the protocol of writing to po boxes leverages usa credit laws. Super models have great credit scores. NYFW is a hot bed of credit mentorship 
I took this at Tory Burch across from Lincoln Center!
My email address to AMA is “Larry” at this url dot com

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