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Text message the party secretary Lorenzo (aka Larry Chiang) at 650-283-8008 - He hosts after parties

This is a sequel to Web 2.0 Expo after party here

** These pages are not meant for public view **
Co-host eyes ONLY


Web 2.0 Summit After, After Party

Where: Location will be text messaged after your RSVP.
Who: w2s Convention Attendees in honor of Tim O'Reilly and John Battelle
Honored Guests: (alpha order) Mike Arrington, Ron Conway, Mark Cuban, Brady Forrest, Jennifer Pahlka and Evan Williams
Special Guests
: MC Hammer, Brian Solis and Mistah Fab "Hit me on the Twitter"
Co-hosts: Adriana Gascoigne, Anna Anisin and Larry Chiang*
When: 11:59pm (or whenever this afterparty ends)

How: RSVP by text messaging in their FULL name to "650-566-9600". One person per text message. Location will be texted back Tues night at 10:30pm

What: Post party meet up. Hosted non-alcohol bar.
On the oh-so-hip Twitter, #w2s

There will be three entry methods.

(1) -No Wait- People who have a text message confirmation from 650-566-9600. The message will have their FULL name from 650-566-9600. One entry per text message.

-No Wait- People who have an after party sticker on their Web2Summit badge. Get a sticker from the party secretary, Larry Chiang or one of the co-hosts.

(2) -Line- Queue is for people we need to confirm attended w2s

(3) -Waitlist- People who did NOT attend w2s and did not text message in.

Forecast of waitlist is at www.twitter.com/LarryChiang

* (plus a secret celebrity co-host)