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13 IPO’s By 13 CS Major CEO’s = Goal

by Larry Chiang on May 10, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I love sequels.

It minimizes risk for us as CS major CEOs. The sequel to ReverseVC is ForwardVC

Larry Chiang ✰ (@LarryChiang) 5/10/12 8:15 AM I know I can get 13 IPO’s for 13 #csMajorCEO’s w no VC money in. #forwardVC

The idea here is to unleash an army of Next Generation VCs in the form of an R2D2 venture associate.


You see, R2D2 makes the perfect VC. He saves Luke Skywalker’s ass time and time again. Right now the state of the VC industry is C3PO.


C3PO is tall, pretty and blonde just like the Winkelvoss twins. Yeah, they are VCs too. C3PO is really shiny. Really useless.

Exhibit ONE: Millenium Falcon can’t make the jump to light speed and C3PO is waving and flailing his arms wanting to fire a founder and surrender. R2D2 is helping the CTO of the Millinium Falcon, Chewbacca, fix the warp drive with a few lines of well placed computer code.

Exhibit TWO: Luke Shywalker, Han Solo and startup team have “left the building” in search of a business model and get stuck in a trash compactor on the Death Star. C3PO’s blackberry is on vacation mode. Enter: R2D2.

R2D2 hacks the Death Star conference mainframe in 12 seconds flat to save the entire founder team.

ForwardVC is an army of 600 R2D2 VCs hacking, hacking and hustling. We use Gua Gua Guacamole.

The goal?!

13 IPOs by 13 CS Major CEOs with 600 CS major R2D2 as VCs

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