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15 Lottery Tickets You Didn’t Know You Could Buy as a College Student

by Larry Chiang on November 12, 2012

By Larry Chiang

Lottery tickets are a guaranteed lock to win if you know where to buy them.

No, I’m not talking about the ones that the state sells. We all know that’s a wealth transfer from dumb to smart. I am talking about lottery tickets in the world I love and live in: My world. Yes you’re the VIP resident 🙂

Here are lottery tickets to buy that hit nearly every time.

-1- Paper Thank You Card.

Every classroom and now room I’ve ever been in, I ask: How can I flank, outmaneuver and out-hustle and out-make-out the room.

The “short cut” is to send a paper thank you. Cost = $3.25.

Roll the dice because this 325c lottery ticket gets you a significant shot at being a millionaire engineer here in this town.

-2- Guaranteed to work 80% of the time.

Value added RSVP.

99% of non-preneurs RSVP with a “I’ll stop by”. Add a li’l value with your RSVP.

For example, an author hosts a book signing and invites you. Buy a book and take a screen shot of the Amazon purchase page. Cost = 30.oo.

Maybe the author doesn’t invite you. Well doing this maneuver BEFORE the event helps you pattern replicate me. I go from “crasher to VIP”

-3- Be the Bitch

This tip is for men by man.

Being the bitch-ass beta male, non alpha male, gamma-delta male is useful. For example, during the Guardsman Bachelor Auction, I was the PR bitch. Basically, I had to do PR for 19 alpha males getting sold on SF’s biggest stage. I used Stanford undergrad engineers to help do PR. As PR bitch, we Fundraised a ton.

My token time allocated was sub 10hrs. Cost = ? But my projected shareholder equity bump = £180k – £2mm

-4- Parlaying relationship capital

The best lottery ticket doesn’t even take money.

Amplification and Connection should be a one step Gua Gua Guacamole recipe. I know that’s non sequitur but it’s true.

Here is what I mean. Relationships are mostly equity extractive in nature. “Can you hook a brother up?!” makes my entrepreneurial soul shrivel. For example, Tim O’Reilly’s web 2.0 expo granted me the official AfterParty. Instead of using it to do PR for my company (Duck9), my book (“What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School”), or my movie deal (ProsperAss), I just parlayed.

I reverse leveraged the “comp” and offered it down stream to a burgeoning entrepreneur via TechCrunch

In essence I ate-my-own-dog-food and parlayed my parlay to reverse leverage my (comp) real world lottery ticket to meet Joe Fernandez. By reverse leverage, I mean coulda leveraged with house money but not leverage it at all and parlaid. So, it’s just parlay a parlay’s parlay. House money is playing with chips and money that you’ve not won.

-5- Doing lead generation in the third wheel position.

A little known lottery ticket is buying dinner for a couple and leveraging the third wheel position. This is excruciating.

But gawd does this work good.

-6- Write and Share an Imperfect Blog Post.

Have you read one of my 1700 blog posts?! They’re no where near perfect. Some of the are downright embarrassments to the American language. But I know that they help someone.

You should do a mvbp (minimum viable blog post) Do a MVBP on this topic or any topic

I’ll just tease with these 6. #7-15, I’ll leave as a test. Paypal me $11.11 to larrychiang @duck9 and I’ll send you one.

Think of that as your lottery ticket where you win even of you do not purchase anything… You get my secret email

“Both Sides of the Algorithm” is something I wrote Thoughts?!

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